Beata Toth

Personal Trainer

Beata, always an active person with a strong passion for healthy and clean eating, was born and raised in Hungary, and came to Canada at age 20. Here, she began her career as a fitness and bikini model and fitness competitor.  After earning her fair share of trophies, she became interested in the personal and environmental sustainability of living a vegetarian lifestyle- which she has now adopted- and in how she could share her experiences with others, helping them to feel as confident and happy as she did. These interests are what led her to begin personal training.

Now a certified personal trainer pursuing a diploma in holistic nutrition, Beata is dedicated to helping her clients achieve lasting results through not only exercise, but also a sustainable lifestyle. Through experience, Beata has learned that the best, fastest results come when clients find a way to be confident and happy with themselves and the way they are living. As such, Beata pushes her clients to live in a way that will keep them both happy and healthy, and is always ready to give her clients advice, and a boost of confidence whenever they need it.