Erin D. Langis, M.A. C. Psych, Clinical and Rehabilitation Psychology

Member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario

Erin D. Langis is a registered psychological associate with the College of Psychologists of Ontario and has been practicing psychology for over 10 years. She has worked in the transplant psychiatry department of the Toronto General Hospital on both the inpatient and outpatient wards. She worked as a research assistant in the Pulmonary Hypertension Program at the Toronto General Hospital where she was involved in the formulation of study protocols, recruitment of participants, and administration of a wide range of psychological measures related to quality of life studies and chronic illness.

She has declared competencies in assessment, diagnosis, and intervention in both Clinical and Rehabilitation Psychology. She works with adults individually. She has an eclectic approach to psychotherapy that includes behavioural, psychodynamic, and positive psychology approaches. These modalities are used in combination to help a person find relief from emotional pain; and to relieve symptoms through the development of insight and awareness. Erin utilizes a supportive therapy approach that is used to relieve immediate distress; to return the person to his or her previous level of functioning; and to strengthen adaptive ways of coping in order to prevent further discomfort. She has experience within private practice, hospital settings, and rehabilitation clinics.