Nando Sirianni

Personal Trainer

Nando’s fitness journey began in his early teen years. Labeled as “smaller” and “weaker” by countless team coaches, many expected Nando to give up on sports and on his dream of becoming an athlete.  However, Nando began to live in a way that is the complete antithesis of giving up. He decided to disregard all the reasons that he wouldn’t be as good as the other members of a given team, and focus on his strengths, using them to diminish his weaknesses. This led him to the realization that one can achieve their goals- even those that seem out of reach- when they ‘throw excuses out the window’ and refuse to acknowledge all the reasons that they can’t do something.

Now a personal trainer, Nando is glad that he didn’t allow the negativity of others to affect him.  His main objective with his clients is to share his theory about excuses and confidence so that they can achieve the best results possible for themselves. He is always there to guide his clients and to help them face challenges with a positive attitude, even when it seems that the problem is insurmountable.  He is dedicated to keeping his clients focused so that they can use the techniques he teaches them to live a sustainable lifestyle even after they have achieved everything they originally set out to achieve.