Victoria Hegedus

Personal Trainer

As an avid fitness and health enthusiast Victoria began her journey of wellness at a young age when she began dancing. Movement and the body’s capabilities of becoming stronger, more agile, flexible and relieving stress have always been motivators in Victoria’s life.Creating a healthy, functional body inside and out to endure life was always a goal in Victoria’s earlier years.

Insight of frustration and confusion as to what to do in terms of a career setting, Victoria knew one thing was certain- she not only wanted to excel on a personal level within fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, however she wanted to share it with people. After high school Victoria attended Sir Sandford Fleming College graduating from Fitness and Health Promotion in 2013. Within this program she gained knowledge in the fitness sector including exercise, nutrition, anatomy and business. During her time in college she was a Varsity Cross Country athlete and a placement student dedicating volunteer hours to train, motivate and inspire police foundations, paramedic and firefighter students. Victoria is a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer and fitness instructor. She also travelled to LA to study with the idolized Annie Carpenter and undergo her Smart Flow training where she became a RYT- 200 HR.

Victoria is a believer in living a happy life and letting the dedication of what she does radiate outwards. Lover of all things fitness, family, food, yoga and positive vibes. She is a passionate individual living her dream daily and inspiring others along the way.