Being a multi-service facility dedicated to helping clients and patients live the best lives they can, INKLEIN offers professional nutritional counseling to those who are seeking guidance. At INKLEIN, great importance is placed on the idea of individuality. As such, each client is given a plan that is completely unique and suited to fit one’s lifestyle, taking into account all variables such as:

  • Age, height, weight, etc.
  • Current level of fitness and activity, as well as fitness goals
  • Occupation, consumption of alcohol, tobacco, etc.
  • Pre-existing health conditions (ie; pregnancy, diabetes, high cholesterol issues with blood pressure, etc) as well as family history and genetics

For those who so desire, nutritional counseling is often coupled with other services, such as personal training and physiotherapy. Many clients who have received nutritional counseling from the professionals at INKKLEIN have not only noticed an improvement in their fitness, but also in other areas of their lives. Many experience things like better sleep, an increase in energy, and a greater level of concentration and motivation during the day.

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