INKLEIN personal training is designed to help a variety of clients. Trainers recognize that each person is unique- one’s genetics, lifestyle, job, metabolism, etc. can all affect one’s personal training style. INKLEIN personal trainers take into account all of these variables, as well as one’s personal preferences, and create a completely customized plan for each client.

Trainers have experience with clients from all different walks of life; from those who are striving towards an active lifestyle for the first time, to professional athletes who are seeking an optimal level of performance in their sport.

INKLEIN trainers utilize “The Strolf System” with their clients- especially those who are seeking to improve their athletic performance. The strategy involves dynamic stretching combined with sport-specific exercises and massage therapy to improve strengthening. Personal training, especially using the Strolf system, can be vital to the rehabilitation of those recovering from an injury as they will work alongside chiropractors, physiotherapists and massage therapists to re-introduce exercise in a safe manner and prevent re-injury.

To book a personal training assessment with INKLEIN FITNESS AND REHAB CENTRE please feel free to contact us via phone at (905) 552-1771, and (416) 230-9059 or email us at