Why is your foot health so important?

Most of the people will go for a facial for their skin, protein treatment for their hair, massage therapy for their body and some quizzes for a healthy mind! But, only a few people take really care of their feet. In fact, your feet are one of the most important organs which can help in reducing all of your medical conditions. They have tissues that connect with all the important body systems including digestive, respiratory, and reproductive systems, as well as all the other major body parts.

One of the most neglected yet most important body parts; your feet have more than 50 bones, 60 joints and more than 200 muscles, ligaments and tendons. A quarter of your bones are present in your feet- which is what makes them so important.

You can massage the muscles of your feet and your whole body will be relaxed. But unfortunately, not many people are aware of maintaining a strong health regime for their feet. However, the interest and awareness of foot health is increasing and on a rise among people.

The role of feet is much more than merely helping you walk. They are the foundation of your body’s movement and the foot health will largely determine your overall health.

Improving the Health of Your Feet

So the question is; how can you help in boosting your foot health. Do the following:

  • Wash your feet and maintain a good hygiene. It is very important to have clean feet that are free from bacteria, virus and dirt.
  • The skin of the feet can become hard and dry at times. It is important to regularly exfoliate the dead cells to regenerate a new, softer and fresher skin.
  • Keep your feet away from extreme cold and heat as it can kill the healthy tissues
  • Maintain a regular flow of blood to the feet. It is very important for regulation of blood in the body.
  • Regularly massage your feet to heal all the body organs.
  • Massage therapy can also alleviate stress and reduce all kinds of body pains.

Foot Health and Illnesses

Good foot care and massage is extremely important for those suffering from heart ailments. Also, diabetes can reduce the sensation in your feet and lessen the amount of blood flowing in the body, which can result in numbness and tingling sensations.

An effective massage therapy is therefore important for everyone, but people with hypertension, heart ailments and diabetes should make it a necessary part of their routine. Any injury or nerve damage can be very painful and debilitating and also cause difficulty in moving.

You can further improve your foot health through different alternative treatments including chiropractic adjustments, custom orthotics, physiotherapy and personal training. Keeping the above in mind, you now know the significant impact of foot health on your overall body. Healthy feet mean a healthier you!

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